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Calabasas Home Staging  Services



Home Staging Consultation : $300 (Owner Occupied)

We will meet with you at your property to discuss your goals, expectations and how to get  the maximum return on investment for your home improvement dollars.

Using our exclusive home staging  process we will give you a detailed property specific evaluation of how buyers are going to view your property. What improvements and cosmetic touches need to be implemented to bring it up to date with the wants and needs of your prospective buyers and what Services are recommended to help you visually merchandise your property for maximum return on investment.

We will conclude our consultation with a proposal based on our suggested improvements  and necessary work so that your home displays it’s full market value and you get maximum return on your investment. (1 and 1/2 hours)

Exquisit Design gets “to the trade”discounts on paint, carpet, hardwood flooring, lighting fixtures and curb appeal that we are glad to pass on to our clients when you use one of our Staging & Redesign Services.


Owner Occupied Luxury Home Staging

Each Owner Occupied Luxury Home Staging project begins with our Home Staging Consultation $300 to determine what needs to be done prior to staging day, which existing furniture pieces can be incorporated into the staging design, what improvements and cosmetic touches need to be implemented as well as what needs to be packed away or put into storage.

Based on the Home Staging Consultation we will be able to ascertain what needs to be done, what furniture and accessory pieces need to be brought in to create a more updated look and feel and how we can incorporate the clients existing furniture with ours to create a seamless cohesive elegant design that will appeal to our buyer demographic.

We will then put together a specific design and proposal based on the unique needs of every property. Prices will vary depending on size, style and listing price point.


Half Day of Interior Redesign: $550

This service is for homes less than 2,000 square feet, or those who just need some expert advice to create that “wow” factor. Exquisit Design will help you make the most of what you already own, and will transform your home’s main rooms:  living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom and kitchen using accessories and furniture placement to highlight your homes best architectural features and create beautiful focal points in every room.


Full Day of Interior Redesign: $1,500

This service is suggested for homes over 2,000 square feet that need a little “nip and tuck”to help them shine on camera.

We will spend a full day making dramatic transformations to the key areas of  your home: living room, entrance, family room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and bath. You won’t believe the difference a day can make !!!

We will use what you already own, rearrange furniture, edit and depersonalize your home in order to have mass appeal and neutralize any very taste specific items in order to create the buyer’s “dream home”.


Vacant Home Staging Services

Exquisit Design offers a variety of vacant home Staging Services. We work with homeowners, investors, agents and builders to fit all budgets.

When staging a vacant property we will bring in all the rental furniture, art, accessories, plants, bed linens, bedroom accessories, wall coverings, table decor, lamps, kitchen ware, bathroom accessories, floral arrangements, books, clocks and any additional items to complete the desired look.

We have our own warehouse full of high-end accessories and decor and work with furniture rental companies that are able to give us the best selection of furniture pieces to complement your property’s style and showcase your property’s architectural features.

Exquisit Design takes into account your neighborhood’s demographics, and targets your specific buyers when selecting the perfect furniture and accessories to “wow” your target market.

Staging a vacant home can cost anywhere between $4,000 – $10,000 or more depending on the size and style of the home, and the number of rooms to be furnished. The average home will fall in the neighborhood of $4,500 – $7,000 for a two month rental which includes the consultation, design, all furnishings and accessories, delivery, setup, and removal after sale.


Remember that the investment in Staging your home costs much less than a Price Reduction!!!



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