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Whether you are designing a house, a business or a life I will help you become very clear on what you want to achieve and give you the tools and guidance to achieve it. In Luxury Real Estate we are seeking that elusive  balance  and selling a "lifestyle" 

Hi, My name is Samantha Schachtel and I am a Real Estate Staging Expert, Investor, Author and Holistic Life Coach

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 For the past 25 years I have been helping my clients find their passion, be authentic and create the life and business that they want through my coaching and mentoring programs.

In the last 8 years I have also followed my own passion for design and home staging and founded Exquisit Design to help homeowners display the full market value of their biggest investments...their homes!!!

​My focus with Exquisit Design Homestaging and Redesign has been on coaching Realtors and their clients on how to prepare their homes for sale in order to maximize the potential of every property and get it sold quickly and for the most amount of money possible.

My niche is Luxury Owner​ Occupied Homes where I often partner with Realtors and help them get their sellers on board when it comes to updates, cosmetic fixes and staging.

It is sometimes difficult for the Realtor to have to tell the client they need to de-clutter, get rid of granny May's floral drapes, or address years of sentimental attachment to the property. That is my a life coach and an expert stager I am able to have those hard conversations and allow the Realtor to preserve their fragile relationship with their client intact.​

I help them understand​ the need to detach emotionally and view their homes as a marketable product in order to get the property ready for our unique buyer demographic.

I live in Calabasas, my kids go to school here, I understand the unique wants and needs of prospective buyers and how to package and promote each property so that it will appeal to our target market and allow our buyer demographic to emotionally connect with a property.

My own experiences with moving and selling has been invaluable when I help my clients prepare their homes for sale. It would be my honor to help you prepare your property for the market.​

The HSR Certification program was the first and is one of the only Accredited staging training by the Real Estate Staging Assocation (RESA) who is the governing body for the home staging industry.​


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